PUDA Chameleon DJI Ready HD 5inch 230mm

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PUDA Chameleon230 HD5:
Product name: Chameleon230 HD5
Frame type: H type
Maximum support paddle: 5 inch
Wheelbase: 230mm
Size: 136 * 186mm
Weight: 155g (including 3D prints)
Base plate thickness: 3mm
Center plate thickness: 2mm
Roof thickness: 2mm
Side plate thickness: 2mm
Plywood thickness: 1.5mm
Arm thickness: 5mm
Recommended configuration: (not included)
Flight control: RF / Kiss / F4 / F3 / F7
Motor: 2205/2206/2207/2305/2306
ESC: 30A-50A
Battery: 4S 1500mAh ~ 6S 1300mAh
Picture Transmission: DJI Digital Sky
Package Included:
1 x Chameleon230 HD5 Frame Kit 


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