Sirius X Type 5 Inch 7 Inch 225mm 300mm FPV Racing Frame Kit

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Sirius X Type 5 Inch 7 Inch 225mm 300mm FPV Racing Frame Kit

4mm Arm Supports RunCam Swift 2 Foxeer HS1177 Camera

Item name: Sirius frame kit
Wheelbase: 5 inch 225mm, 7 inch 300mm
Frame weight: 5 inch 156g, 7 inch 173.5g
Frame arm thickness: 4mm
Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
Upper plate thickness: 2mm
Other plates thickness: 1.5mm
3D printed: red tpu
Recommend parts (package doesn’t include):
Brushless motor: 22xx
Brushless ESC: 20-40A
Flight controller: F3 / F4 / F7 (mounting holes: 30.5*30.5mm)
FPV camera: RunCam Swift 2 / Foxeer HS1177 (width: 28mm)
Action camera: gopro session, gopro session 4, gopro session 5
The following products in our website are suitable for this frame:
Brushless motor: Racerstar BR2205 2300KV or EMAX RSII 2206 1600KV 1700KV 1900KV 2300KV 2700KV or DYS Samguk Wu 2206 2400KV 2700KV
Brushless ESC: Racerstar REV35 35A BLheli_S 3-6S 4 In 1 or Racerstar RS20Ax4 Blheli_S 2-4S
Flight controller: F3 Acro 6 DOF/Deluxe 10 DOF or Upgrade DYS F4 Pro V2 AIO or Matek Systems F722-STD F7
Flight controller & ESC: MAMBA F405 Betaflight Flight Controller F40 40A 3-6S DSHOT600 ESC or Racerstar StarF4S 30A Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC AIO F4 OSD
Propeller: Racerstar Fish Bone 5041 3 Blade or DALPROP T5045C Cyclone 3 Blade or DALPROP CYCLONE T7056C 3-blade
Package included:
1 x Sirius frame kit

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